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About Us

Our innovative solution allows you to greatly improve the quality of life in your city by placing AI and IoT at the heart of your operations. Choose to provide residents with live visibility on their favorite sites: recycling centers, public gardens, city parks, etc., while also facilitating the management of your critical assets. Based on state-of-the-art industrial and system engineering techniques, our web apps and connected devices offer the #1 portfolio of solutions supporting municipalities in their digital transformation.

Mobile Application

Collect real time data about your asset lifecycle to improve efficiency through better visibility and control.

Site Management

Benefit from a central repository for your site information and communicate live status to your residents through our Sigfox devices.

Resident Quality of Life

Receive real time alerts about unexpected scenarios and take proactive actions to improve resident satisfaction.

Easy Deployment

Facilitate adoption with training, 24/7 customer support, and intuitive web-based tools integrated with your current solutions.

Improve resident quality of life through proactive site management

Denalys offers a large portfolio of connected devices allowing your teams to easily provide opening/closing information about your public sites. Those data are retrieved by our platform and sent to your residents in real time to inform them about their favorite site status.

Freely available to your residents on a customized platform, this information will help them avoid endless qnd frustrating back and forth or phone calls, being time-consuming for them and your operators.

Finally, autogenerated alerts will help your team better react and be proactive to unexpected circumstances impacting the availability of your sites and limiting waiting times for your residents.

Optimize operational efficiency through better visibility on your asset lifecycle

Implementing a holistic asset management solution improves asset utilization, reduces break-fix turnaroundand, and helps reduce inventory levels by up to 30%. Your teams can use our platform to easily and quickly locate your assets and spares, greatly improving the overall operational performance.

The end-to-end lifecycle visibility provided by Denalys allows your team to better anticipate equipment failure and proactively manage your maintenance plans. This reduces both downtime for your residents and overtime cost for last minute maintenance.

Having more visibility and control on your assets throughout their entire lifecycle helps reduce losses and thefts, while also promoting the work of your teams.


A powerful library of data collection, visualization, optimization, and decision-making tools within your reach.

Real Time Visibility

Receive alerts for unexpected events to take proactive actions and improve customer satisfaction.

Site Management

Manage the location, schedule, and status of your public sites and analyze their operations and productivity.

Analysis Dashboards

Powerful tools extract patterns buried in the data with visualizations and insights for improved productivity.

Resident Communication

Provide residents with a free and customized platform available on laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones with live status of public sites.

Asset Management

Improve visibility on your asset lifecycle to limit the risk of loss, improve chain of custody and asset utilization.

Digital Transformation

Sign up for an innovative and flexible solution that can be leveraged to embed new services, based on your needs.

Why choose us?

Discover the competitive advantage of our solution and team


Gain the edge thanks to powerful algorithms and empower workforce and clients through robust analysis tools.


Gain peace of mind working with a company repeatedly invited to the CES and praised in newspapers and radio talks.


Reduce your ecological footprint and benefit from environmental incentives by making the move towards a paperless solution.


Choose a flexible solution to better communicate with your stakeholders and residents to easily undertake the digital transformation of your services.

Denalys in Action

A few illustrations of our IoT solution dedicated to municipalities


Dashboard with overview of recycling center status

Mobile app

Mobile app home page with modules

Press and Media

Tallyos deployment in Metz in media

Transaction History

Transaction history page on web platform

Transaction Page

Transaction page in mobile app


Pierre Frank presenting Denalys capabilities

User Management

User management page on web platform

Login Screen

Login screen on mobile app


We are offering our solution with multiple options, starting at 450€/year. Our pricing depends on the selected plan and volume.


Platform hosting

Site management

Schedule management

Public platform

Real-Time Option

Basic plan features

Sigfox devives for sites

Automated alerting

Live status on public platform

Asset Mangement Option

Basic plan features

QR codes

Asset management application

Lifecycle statistics


Let's define together your solution based on your specific requirements

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